Is a GPS Collar for Your Dog Worth It?

When a dog wanders away from home, it is a truly scary event. You have no way of knowing whether they are ok. Speaking from personal experience, our beagle, just 2 years old at the time, bolted out our front door and we didn’t see her for hours.  Beagles like to follow their noses. Our pooch was spotted by a friendly postal worker that knew her – a very lucky outcome for us.

However, It’s not just beagles that can wander. Any dogs or cats can leave your premises suddenly and without notice. When this happens, dogs face many unknown dangers. Inclement weather, cold or hot temperatures, and traffic are just a few concerns.

If this sounds like a situation you’d like to avoid, then there is one solution that will help you find a lost pet quickly and accurately: a GPS collar attachment. Using satellite technology, a GPS can easily locate a lost pet. Most modern systems use an iPhone or Android app to track a collar in real-time when your pet wanders.

There are several models to choose from online – many of which are more than adequate for tracking purposes. Most charge approximately $7 a month for a GPS service for the collar attachment – so beware of services that charge far more than that. If they do, then they are probably overcharging you.

Although a collar can look bulky, they will not harm your pet in any way and they provide an ease of mind when your pet escapes your fenced in yard or bolts out the front door. In addition, another nice feature of a GPS attachment is that you can set perimeters around your property…so that when the dog leaves the set perimeter of your yard, for example, you get an immediate alert on your mobile phone.

Remember one important thing – GPS is only one strategy and you should not rely solely on it. You should also properly train your pet to follow your commands and provide a safe environment where your pet will not normally have a chance to leave your property unattended.

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